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Yes, We are at War

The premise of my 2013 book “The Great Game” was a 2020 financial attack by China and Russia that almost succeeds in splitting up the US along red/blue lines. I was wrong: the attack that came was biological, not financial. Whether the virus was developed in the Wuhan lab or jumped from animals, subsequent actions by the Chinese Communist Party showed at best callous disregard for the rest of the world. The blueprint for a classic asymmetrical warfare has been established: tens of trillions in damage inflicted at a cost of a few million dollars development. And before you protest on humanitarian grounds: this is the regime that killed more people than Stalin or Hitler. They relaxed some of the economic rules because they didn't want to end up like the Soviet Union, but their nature has not changed. Uyghurs and Tibetans will testify to that.

I hope that president-elect Biden takes steps to counteract impact of future attacks, starting with bringing the critical manufacturing back to the US. And we should calm down on this blue vs. red rhetoric. Because we are indeed at war and the enemy doesn't care who you voted for.

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