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     I didn't plan to become a writer. In late 2012 a friend's death prompted me to ask what would be the one thing I regret not doing. I've always been an avid reader but have not had the courage to write. And I made a New Year resolution to write a book. That's how The Great Game was born.


     Since I don't depend on writing for my livelihood, I feel no pressure to "commercialize" my work. My books are not light reading and not to everyone's liking. I write about serious topics, such as the price of freedom and the corruption of power, a relationship between an individual and a state, tribal (in)tolerances, etc., but wrap them into action-filled stories. Having been born under a totalitarian regime, I'm very sensitive to the kind of power that a modern state wields over an individual. There is one common trait that my books share: the heroes are ordinary people, not superheroes or master detectives. While all my books are entirely fictional, each of them carries a Commentary explaining how the fiction is rooted in facts and realities of the current or past events.