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D. R. Bell

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Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. Please make yourself at home. 

“The question of conscience is a matter for the head of the state” - Adolf Eichmann


"What must we do with these now perfectly respectable men that twenty years ago ran the industrial death factory? Some argue that only the law can save us from recurrence of the horror. But the penalties that the law’s been meting out are so unsuitable to the crime as to be laughable ... The public would repress this trial in Frankfurt just as it represses anything uncomfortable to it. Perhaps it’s the guilty feeling of not being sure of what we ourselves are capable of. Our brain seems to have a self-protective mechanism of blocking the truths that it can’t survive. And in a terrible display of Nietzschean eternal recurrence, the same self-protective mechanism enables the horror to return because we blocked the earlier one" - David Levy in Eleos.

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